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London News 11/16/13

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:17 am    Post subject: London News 11/16/13 Reply with quote

From the London Yahoo group

Service Changes - 16/11/13
(excluding diversions for roadworks)

Route 1 [London General - MW] - New timetable to improve punctuality. The afternoon school journey will run 3 minutes later.

Route 66 [Arriva - GY] - New timetable incorporating additional Monday to Friday peak hour journeys, from every 12 minutes to every 8 minutes. Evening and Sunday service increased from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes. The Monday to Friday peak extras started earlier by local arrangement on 21/10/13. PVR +3 to 14.

Route 163 [London General - AL] - New timetable to improve punctuality.

Route 164 [London General - AL] - New timetable to improve punctuality.

Route 180 [London General - BV] - New timetable to improve punctuality.

Route 233 [Metrobus - MB] - New timetable to improve punctuality. The last journey from Eltham will depart 4 minutes later, to improve the connection from the last train from London.

Route 969 [Abellio - TF] - Revised in Barnes to operate direct along Barnes High Street and Church Road, instead of serving Lonsdale Road, Nowell Road, Boileau Road and Ferry Road.

Route K50 [London United - TV] - Seasonal park & ride operation recommences. No change to the timetable.

Route N1 [London General - BV & MW] - New timetable to improve punctuality.

Existing Diversions due to complete on 22/11/13
(Please note that these plans and times may be subject to change)

Route 318 [Arriva - LV] - Owing to road works on Wargrave Road, temporarily diverted towards Stamford Hill via High Road and Egerton Road, instead of Wargrave Road, Grovelands Road, Craven Park Road, Moundfield Road and Ravensdale Road.

New Buses

[Arriva London North] - HV106 (LT63UKJ) has finally been delivered this week, following the fire damage sustained prior to being delivered back in June this year. All details of the chassis and body it now has will be verified as soon as it is in service.

[Metroline] - Delivery continues for the new NBfL buses for route 390, due to commence operation on 07/12/13.

LT95 - LTZ1095 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141104, body no: (tbc)
LT96 - LTZ1096 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141105, body no: (tbc)
LT97 - LTZ1097 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141106, body no: (tbc)
LT98 - LTZ1098 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141107, body no: (tbc)
LT99 - LTZ1099 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141108, body no: (tbc)
LT100 - LTZ1100 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141124, body no: (tbc)
LT101 - LTZ1101 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141125, body no: (tbc)
LT102 - LTZ1102 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141126, body no: (tbc)
LT103 - LTZ1103 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141127, body no: (tbc)
LT104 - LTZ1104 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141128, body no: (tbc)
LT105 - LTZ1105 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141129, body no: (tbc)
LT106 - LTZ1106 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141090, body no: (tbc)
LT107 - LTZ1107 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141091, body no: AJ024
LT108 - LTZ1108 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141092, body no: (tbc)
LT109 - LTZ1109 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141093, body no: (tbc)
LT110 - LTZ1110 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141094, body no: (tbc)
LT111 - LTZ1111 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141095, body no: (tbc)
LT112 - LTZ1112 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141109, body no: (tbc)
LT113 - LTZ1113 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141110, body no: (tbc)
LT114 - LTZ1114 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141111, body no: (tbc)
LT115 - LTZ1115 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141112, body no: (tbc)
LT116 - LTZ1116 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141113, body no: (tbc)
LT117 - LTZ1117 11/13, chassis no: SA9DDRXXX13141130, body no: (tbc)

[Stagecoach Selkent] - Thirteen new 10.2m H41/24D Alexander Dennis E40D Enviro400 double deckers have been delivered for the new contract on route 261 at Bromley Garage [TB] (gained from Metrobus), commencing on 30/11/13.

10184 - SN63NBD 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7474, body no: D417/1
10185 - SN63NBE 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7469, body no: D417/2
10186 - SN63NBF 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7470, body no: D417/3
10187 - SN63NBG 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7471, body no: D417/4
10188 - SN63NBJ 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7472, body no: D417/5
10189 - SN63NBK 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7481, body no: D417/6
10190 - SN63NBL 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7475, body no: D417/7
10191 - SN63NBM 9/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7482, body no: D417/8
10192 - SN63NBO 10/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7483, body no: D417/9
10193 - SN63NBX 10/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7492, body no: D417/10
10194 - SN63NBY 10/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7493, body no: D417/11
10195 - SN63NBZ 10/13, chassis no: SFD1DTBRFDGXB7494, body no: D417/12

[Stagecoach Selkent] - Three new 8.9m B25F Alexander Dennis E20D Enviro200 single deckers have been delivered for the new contract on routes R5, R7 & R10 at Bromley Garage [TB] (gained from Metrobus), commencing on 07/12/13.

36581 - YX63LGA 10/13, chassis no: SFD1H7AR6DGY13979, body no: (tbc)
36582 - YX63LGC 10/13, chassis no: SFD1H7AR6DGY13980, body no: (tbc)
36583 - YX63LGD 10/13, chassis no: SFD1H7AR6DGY13993, body no: (tbc)

Source details from:
Bus News reporting team

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